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My Story

"As you travel down life's winding road, ANGELS light the way and share the load"

Hello, my name is Alison and I would like to introduce you to what I do. But first, a little background:

In 1974, I moved from Scotland to Canada with my family, and since then I have spent my life in Hamilton, ON. As a young girl, I learned that I had a gift… although in my younger years I did not quite understand it. As I matured, I began to notice sensitivity to others’ feelings. My mother, who has since passed, once told me a story I would like to share.

While still in Scotland at the age of five years old I would stand in front of our house and talk with a kindly old man. After several of these conversations, my mother noticed what I was doing and asked me, ‘Alison, who are you talking to?’ I replied that I was talking with the man who lives upstairs. That’s when my mother explained that the kindly old man who I was speaking to had passed away months earlier.

Recently, as I began to tap into my gift, I have endeavoured to use it to help others. I have obtained my Master Reiki Certificate, and use cards and crystals in my search for spiritual understanding in the people I meet.

In the past few years, my appearances at functions and galas have increased, and so has my knowledge of feelings and messages, extending even into the appearance of figures around people I’ve helped.

So, I would like to invite anyone to contact me, and let me help to guide you through the spiritual path we all walk.

Thank you.


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