Frequently Answered Questions.

Hi, Do you have questions regarding angel card readings and are wanting to know more about it? Here are some commonly asked questions and answers you may have. If your question isn’t listed here head over to the contact page and send me an email.

What are Angel card readings?

Angel card readings can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their lives. The readings can give insight and knowledge into various aspects of ones life; ranging from your career possibilities, love life, family or potentially other areas you may want to ask about.  Questions you may have can be answered through angelic guidance to help us through our lives.

Whats the difference between angel cards and tarot cards?

Angel cards are a form of oracle cards and have an angelic theme.  Oracle cards and Tarot cards have similarities regarding being used for the same purpose such as doing readings, looking for guidance with oneself and divining the future. Angel cards have less rigid rules as compared to Tarot cards.  Angel readings are not intended to provide you with timings or specific details of people or places, like Tarot cards do however are used to provide healing, guidance and insight for oneself.

Do Angel card readings work?

There are some skeptics on whether angel card readings really work however there are also many reviews from people who take much comfort from the readings and find something definitely ‘real’ when consulting the angels. There is nothing to lose in giving a reading a chance. It could potentially be very inspiring.